Worker’s Compensation at Walk-in Clinic & Urgent Care Center in Tampa, FL

When a worker gets injured on the job it is critical that they get medical attention quickly, both for the sake of the worker and the employer. We want to help get the worker back on their feet, and back to work as soon as possible at AFC Urgent Care in Tampa. Most places that provide medical care have problems with workers compensation insurance. Here at AFC Urgent Care, we understand these problems and know how to handle them effectively. We know the ins and outs of workers compensation, and are happy to treat injured employees. There are no hassles when you come to us. We are the place to go when getting treated for on the job injuries in the Tampa, FL area.

It doesn’t matter what type of injury the employee has suffered, as long as it’s not life-threatening, we are here to treat them. Whether they got burnt or sprained an ankle, we have the knowledge and expertise to treat them. AFC Urgent Care is different from the typical hospital, and different for good reason. Both you and your employees will enjoy our warm atmosphere, and all of the added benefits we have over the typical hospital environment. We are much cheaper than an emergency room visit. Our medical costs are less than half of the typical emergency room visit. This is great for both you and your employee, leaving more money in both of your pockets.

Our urgent care clinic is open every day of the week with extended hours into the evening. We are even open on the weekends, and can accommodate unexpected arrivals easily. No appointments are ever needed for medical treatment so your injured employee can get treatment fast. With little or no wait time your employee will be back to work in less time overall. At AFC Urgent Care we understand you and your employee’s needs. We won’t give you a hard time when setting up a worker’s compensation program. In fact, our process is smooth and easy, and you’re sure to breeze right through it.

If you are in need of a great place for workers compensation medical services than look no further. We will treat both you and your employees with the highest level of respect, and our certified physicians will make sure your employees will stay in tip top shape. Call AFC Urgent Care in Tampa today, and get started on your journey to a better workers compensation program.

Formerly AFC Doctors Express