Travel Medicine at Walk-in Clinic & Urgent Care Center in Tampa, FL

Many travelers do not realize the risks they take by going overseas without proper pre-travel medical care. There are many diseases you can contract while traveling that are not normally seen in the United States. Vaccinations against deadly diseases are not given to US residents, leaving your body open to contracting them when you travel abroad. The only solution to this problem is special travel medical care provided by AFC Urgent Care in Tampa.

At our urgent care center we strive to make sure you are healthy before, during, and after your travels to different countries. Whether you are travelling for business, school, or leisure, we are here to serve you. During your short time in at our location we will ask you a number of questions about where you plan to travel to, and based on your answers we will set up a travel medicine regimen especially for you. Your travel medicine regimen will likely include a number of vaccines for diseases known to be prominent in the destinations you’re visiting. With these vaccines you can take comfort in knowing you won’t contract a life-threatening illness, and with that knowledge you can relax and enjoy your stay wherever you go.

We will also help you set up a travel kit to help protect you from certain dangers that foreign countries pose to you, like water borne illness and malaria. With this kit, you can be prepared for any medical situation that may arise. Our doctors are kind and knowledgeable, and will educate you all about the country you are travelling to. You will be given all of the facts needed about diseases and other potential dangers when traveling abroad at Tampa AFC Urgent Care.

After your trip is over, and you have come back to the states, make sure you come visit us again. We will provide you with any post-travel medicine needed. If you want to be sure you didn’t contract an illness, or if you need to be treated for one, we can help. Whether this is your first time travelling overseas, or if you’ve been travelling for years, travel medicine is very important for your health and safety. At AFC Urgent Care we provide you with all the knowledge and tools you’ll need to have a successful trip. Let us take the guesswork out for you so you can relax and rest assured while travelling anywhere in the World. We carry all vaccines required for overseas travel, so there is no need to visit the Health Department. Come in when it’s convenient for you. Bon voyage!

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