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EKG Testing in Tampa FL

Walk-in AFC Urgent Care Tampa for EKG Testing to Measure Your Hearts Activity. We Always Have a Doctor Onsite to Review Your Test Results and Provide Consult. We Are Open Monday–Friday 9:00AM – 7:00PM and Saturday 9:00AM – 4:00PM.

EKG Testing in Tampa FL

Accessible EKG testing in Tampa near Citrus Park. Walk into AFC Urgent Care Tampa for EKG testing where no appointment is needed. We are open with extended hours throughout the week and weekend making us a convenient choice to check your hearts activity.

Visit AFC Walk-in Urgent Care Clinic conveniently located at 6182 Gunn Highway Tampa, FL 33625 in the Citrus Park Shops near Carrollwood and West Chase neighborhoods. We accept most major health insurance including Medicaid and Blue Cross and we also have affordable cash pay options if you don’t have insurance.

Also known as an electrocardiogram, this test gives doctors a quick analysis of your heart. If you or your doctor feel something’s not quite right with your heart, this is a quick and effective way to evaluate it. Our experienced doctors and medical staff will be able to share results with you and explain them to you in a language you can understand.

If your EKG results are out of the ordinary, we can forward the results to your primary care provider or specialists so your needs can be met. We’ll also send you home with a copy of the EKG test.

 What is an EKG? What does it do?

An EKG can also be referred to as an ECG, an electrocardiogram. An EKG measures the heart’s electrical activity. This test is sometimes confused with an echocardiogram, which uses soundwaves to create a detailed picture of your heart. An EKG especially monitors, measures, and records the electrical activity of your heartbeat. When your heart contracts, a small electrical wave passes through it. This wave regulates how your blood is pumped through your body. An EKG measures this electrical wave, its timing, and how it affects the top and lower chambers of your heart.

When I have an EKG, what does it show?

An EKG at AFC Urgent Care Tampa will show two kinds of information. It will record the amount of time it takes for an electrical wave to pass through your heart. When this wave passes too quickly, too slowly, or at an irregular rate, it indicates there could be a problem.

Second, an EKG test will measure the amount of electrical activity in your heart. This measurement helps our board-certified doctors determine if your heart is overworked or too large.

If you are suffering from a medical issue, but your EKG indicates normal heart function, then your problem may be located elsewhere. An abnormal result from an EKG could point to many things. It could be as simple as a normal variation of your heart rhythm to as serious as a possible heart attack. It indicates that your heart needs further examination.

Why should I get an EKG?

An EKG test is usually suggested when there is a suspected issue with your heart. Precisely, your heart’s electrical activity. If you are suffering from heart palpitations or chest pain, an EKG is usually suggested to check for heart disease. Other symptoms that may necessitate an EKG include dizziness, fainting, and shortness of breath. All of these symptoms could indicate an issue with your heart.

An EKG test at AFC Urgent Care Tampa may be part of regular testing to see if certain medications are working or having any side effects. It can check the thickness of your heart wall chamber. Finally, it can be used to check if a pacemaker or other implant is working correctly to regulate your heart.

AFC Urgent Care Tampa is located at 6182 Gunn Hwy. Tampa, FL 33625. We are open Monday through Friday from 9am to 7pm and on Saturday from 9am to 4pm. Do you have questions about our walk-in EKG testing or would you like to make an appointment? Call our friendly staff today at (813) 960-1100.

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